"@lefred" has been consulting OpenSource and MySQL for over 15 years. After graduating in Management Information Technology, Frédéric Descamps started his career as a developer for an ERP under HPUX. He will then opt for a career in the world of open-source by joining one of the first Belgian start-up dedicated 100% to free projects around GNU/Linux. It is in 2011 that lefred joined Percona, one of the leading MySQL-based specialists. He decided to join the MySQL Community Team in 2016 as a MySQL Community Manager for EMEA & APAC. Frédéric is also a regular speaker of OpenSource Conferences. His blog mostly dedicated to MySQL is http://lefred.be

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How to write efficient and correct MySQL recipes for you configuration management system in 2019

MySQL is a very popular open source database and for many years now, devops world encouraged DBAs to use system management system like puppet, chef, ansible to take care of the installation and configuration of their favorite database. This was brilliant ! However all the implementations are not optimal and mostly because there was no easy way to do differently. Since MySQL 8.0, with the help of the MySQL X admin API (and other improvements), it's now much easier and safer to manage MySQL via a configuration management system.

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