Jeroen Baten

I solve IT problems. I connect system A with system B. I teach people stuff. I do this mostly with Linux systems. To make stuff happen I write a lot of custom scripts in various programming lanuages like Perl, Python, Bash, C, Java, Ruby, etc. I have clients all over the world (Australia, Switserland, US, etc).

I am also the project leader of the open source LibrePlan project. So go to that site ( if you need more information about an open source web-based project management application.

I occasionally write an article for my blog, but I have also written a number of books:

LPI Essentials (Dutch)
Open ICT voor Managers (Dutch)
LibrePlan, the missing manual (English, French)
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Running a mainframe on your laptop (for fun and profit)
Jeroen Baten

In this session the speaker will help you in taking your first steps towards running your own mainframe on your own laptop. For fun. Or profit.

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