Evis Barbullushi

A seasoned professional with solid experience in developing distributed solutions and solving significant integration challenges in organizations.
Specialities: Distributed Computing, Architecting for the Cloud, AppDev in the Cloud, Containerisation, Cloud and Microservices, Kubernetes, Openshift, Hybrid Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure, Containers & Infrastructure
Site Reliability Engineering, Microservices.
Currently working in the EMEA Specialist AppDev/Openshift team as Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat.

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Chaos security engineering in Kubernetes
Evis Barbullushi

Enterprise systems are as secure as their resilience to system glitches and human error. Even external attacks do not succeed so much due to the superiority or ingenuity of the attacker, rather than due to the inherent imperfections of our systems. Deployment of distributed technologies like Kubernetes in organizations fall short with respect to security. A pragmatic methodology is required, whereby chaos engineering principles are extended to security. In this session we will be discussing about patterns, best practices on how to continuously approach defense from inherent security flaws in software.

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