Joep Piscaer

Once a virtualization and storage consultant, he built IaaS-platforms, created an army of Community Managers, built, led and developed a team of technical architects.
Most recently, Joep is building the Jumbo Tech Campus. Jumbo is the second biggest supermarket in the Netherlands and the fastest growing online supermarket of the Netherlands.

As the Technical Pathfinder, Joep is responsible for the DevOps way-of-work, tooling, cloud and open source strategy of the Tech Campus, the e-commerce software development house of Jumbo.

He runs his own blog,, speaks at industry events, occasional guest on theCube and he's a frequent delegate for TechFieldDay events.

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Come listen to me, I’m a fraud; a story on impostor syndrome
Joep Piscaer

A story on success, impostor syndrome and self-inflicted, perpetually non-existent comfort zone.

Do you recognize the fear of being exposed as a fraud? I do. And I’ve had success because of the syndrome. I’ve learned to harness it, figuring out how to come to terms with it and use it for good. I now live in a self-inflicted, perpetually non-existing comfort zone, and I want you to, too!

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