»What did you InSpec?« Gratien D'haese; Talk (50 minutes)

InSpec is an open-source testing framework created by Chef that enables you to specify compliance, security, and other policy requirements. However, the usage is not limited to compliance checking only as you can also use it to validate systems. And, as InSpec is code which is very readable and e...

»Clean Bash - Leveling up your shell scripting skills« Bert Van Vreckem; Talk (50 minutes)

An opinionated talk on maintainable, testable and readable shell scripts.

»molecule test ansible« Fabrice @themr0c Flore-Thébault; Talk (50 minutes)

Some bits about the Ansible Molecule project and how to use it.

»Zabbix loadable C modules and Low-Level Discovery (LLD)« Jan-Piet Mens; Talk (50 minutes)

We will discuss how we implement Zabbix Low-Level Discovery directly from a C module and how the same C module is used to provide up-to-date information to Zabbix items.

»Scale Your Metrics with Elasticsearch« Philipp Krenn; Talk (50 minutes)

"Only accept features that scale" is one of Elasticsearch's engineering principles. So how do we scale metrics stored in Elasticsearch? And is that even possible on a full-text search engine?

»MetalK8s: An opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments« Nicolas Trangez; Talk (50 minutes)

In this session we discuss why Scality decided to use Kubernetes as the platform underlying its on-premise storage and data-management solutions, why we started the open-source MetalK8s project, the lessons we learned from the first iteration, and most importantly what's coming in the next major ...

»What not to puppetize and how to do it anyway« Bart Janssens; Ignite (5 minutes)

A brief rundown of what not to use puppet for and how to use it anyway.

»Tying shoe laces« Tim Speetjens; Ignite (5 minutes)

It's not a coincidence if your shoe strings loosen all the time. If something that works for others but not for you, you're probably not doing it right.

»Pizza Party« Everybody; Workshop (3 hours)

Have your own pizza build on demand. Pizza and Beer .. More Pizza.. Chat with speakers and attendees ...
More Pizzaa ..

»Come listen to me, I’m a fraud; a story on impostor syndrome« Joep Piscaer; Talk (50 minutes)

A story on success, impostor syndrome and self-inflicted, perpetually non-existent comfort zone.

Do you recognize the fear of being exposed as a fraud? I do. And I’ve had success because of the syndrome. I’ve learned to harness it, figuring out how to come to terms with it and use it for good. I ...

»Containers on RHEL 8« Christopher Peeters; Talk (50 minutes)

An introduction to Podman and Buildah

»Chaos security engineering in Kubernetes« Evis Barbullushi; Talk (50 minutes)

Enterprise systems are as secure as their resilience to system glitches and human error. Even external attacks do not succeed so much due to the superiority or ingenuity of the attacker, rather than due to the inherent imperfections of our systems. Deployment of distributed technologies like Kube...

»CI/CD with OpenShift« Tim Speetjens; Talk (50 minutes)

OpenShift, the container platform by Red Hat, offers Platform as a Service capabilities on top of Kubernetes. In this presentation we will explore multiple ways to get from source to a deployable container. Once built, the story continues with having it deployed in multiple environments.

»Open Source databases and HA« Dimitri Vanoverbeke; Talk (50 minutes)

High Availability is essential for business-critical applications. What options exist in the community and why should I choose one or the other?

»Look mom without containers!« Matteo Valentini; Talk (50 minutes)

An implementation of an immutable infrastructure using packer.io, terraform and ansible.

»Running a mainframe on your laptop (for fun and profit)« Jeroen Baten; Talk (50 minutes)

In this session the speaker will help you in taking your first steps towards running your own mainframe on your own laptop. For fun. Or profit.

»Linux curriculum at HOGENT« Bert Van Vreckem; Talk (50 minutes)

An overview of the Linux curriculum in the "professional bachelor applied information theory" at University College Ghent

»Running containers and Operating System images with systemd-nspawn« Pieter Lexis; Talk (50 minutes)

In this talk, I'll discuss systemd-nspawn and machinectl, two tools in the systemd suite for container management. We'll discuss the tools themselves, the differences between them and other container solutions and how to manage systems that use these containers.

»What you most likely did not know about sudo…« Peter Czanik; Talk (50 minutes)

Sudo is installed by default on almost all Linux system, still even system administrators often only know it is the “prefix” to use before entering a command requiring root privileges. Learn how much more this simple looking tool can do!

»How I accidentally became an electronics engineer (actually I didn't)« Pieter Hollants; Talk (50 minutes)

A fun deep dive into the world of designing electronics intended to encourage you to look beyond the end of your (software) nose

»IT Consultant / Zabbix Trainer« Patrik Uytterhoeven; Talk (50 minutes)

how to configure Low Level Discovery in zabbix for JMX and what is new or coming in 4.2

»(Re)discovering the ssh tips for Ansible (CentOS infra use case)« Fabian Arrotin; Talk (50 minutes)

Discovering (or rediscovering) ssh tips and tricks we can use with (and without) Ansible

»Ansible in a real world situation. The One Role to Rule Them All!!« Ton Kersten; Talk (50 minutes)

Ansible is often used in a develop, accept and production environment, but there are no general use cases available.

This presentation shows how we solved the dev, acc and prod environment issues within a clients setup and how this can aid you in solving similar problems.

»Scaling Ansible« Andrea Tosatto; Talk (50 minutes)

Ansible agentless nature and semplicity are definitely two of the aspects that determined its incredible success as configuration management and automation tool. However - despite being very powerful - agentless automation has some limitations when managing complex distributed infrastructures. In...

»Ignite Karaoke« Kris Buytaert; Talk (50 minutes)

@arrfab suggested this on Twitter

»Using Prometheus to monitor your deployment pipelines« Lander Van den Bulcke; Ignite (5 minutes)

In order to optimize your continous delivery pipelines, and to make sure your delivery actually is continuous, it can be useful to collect some metrics about your pipelines. This talk is an introduction to jenkins_exporter, which can be employed in order to use Prometheus for this purpose.

»OSS diversity is good (aka why we run various DNS servers flavors in CentOS.org infra)« Fabian Arrotin; Talk (50 minutes)

Why does centos.org infra use both Bind, Unbound, PowerDNS and Dnsmasq ? let's find out !

»Bootstrap your Cloud Infrastructure using puppet and HashiCorp stack« Bram Vogelaar; Talk (50 minutes)

This talk walks the audience through a green fields exercise that sets up service discovery using Consul, infrastructure as code using terraform, using images build with packer and configured using puppet.

»Leveraging Prometheus service discovery« Lander Van den Bulcke; Talk (50 minutes)

There are a multitude of ways to let Prometheus know about the systems you want it to monitor. This talk will introduce a number of ways you can leverage service discovery to let it generate the configuration for you.

»From Tesla Hacking to the FreedomEV Project« Jasper Nuyens; Talk (50 minutes)

Tesla Hacking experiments evolved into the FreedomEV OpenSource project. Where are we at, what are the challenges and what's new?

»How to write efficient and correct MySQL recipes for you configuration management system in 2019« lefred; Talk (50 minutes)

MySQL is a very popular open source database and for many years now, devops world encouraged DBAs to use system management system like puppet, chef, ansible to take care of the installation and configuration of their favorite database. This was brilliant ! However all the implementations are not ...