(Re)discovering the ssh tips for Ansible (CentOS infra use case)
2019-05-04, 14:00–14:50, Room B

Discovering (or rediscovering) ssh tips and tricks we can use with (and without) Ansible

While a lot of people are using Ansible for easy ad-hoc tasks, using it in production to manage a fleet of servers spread all around the world can be challenging.
In this talk we'll cover how , for the CentOS.org infra, we tried to optimize the playbook execution and we'll mainly dive into ssh itself (so the presented options can also be used outside of Ansible).
We'll cover things like :

  • SSH CA and certificates,
  • how to use bastion/jump hosts , etc.
  • Multi DC configurations

Slides from this talk (uploaded after event) : https://people.centos.org/arrfab/Events/Loadays-2019/loadays-2019-ssh-tips.html