Ansible in a real world situation. The One Role to Rule Them All!!
2019-05-04, 16:00–16:50, Room B

Ansible is often used in a develop, accept and production environment, but there are no general use cases available.

This presentation shows how we solved the dev, acc and prod environment issues within a clients setup and how this can aid you in solving similar problems.

When using Ansible in a real world situation, where there are multiple environments, like dev, tst, acc and prod it's hard to make sure the Ansible setup isn't to complex and that everything works.

This presentation can assist you to make decisions for you own environment.
Decisions about:
- Inventory structure
- Variable setup

Ton Kersten is a Linux consultant and trainer at AT Computing in the Netherlands where he helps customers with all kinds of Linux challenges. He also tries to teach them the Linux and Ansible way of life.

He enjoys music, photography, playing darts (badly), good food, beer and whisky.

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