Open Source databases and HA
2019-05-05, 15:00–15:50, Room B

High Availability is essential for business-critical applications. What options exist in the community and why should I choose one or the other?

HA is an essential part of an architectural setup.
Declaration of business and application requirements are essential during the actual design of the optimal database architecture. With increased levels of availability comes complexity and in some case operation woes.

So what are the increased availability options within MySQL and other open source RDBMS solutions? How would they compare to each other??

This presentation will cover:

  • The concept of increased availability, why it's essential for operations, what pitfalls exist.
  • Differences in between availability concepts
  • HA and MySQL
  • HA and PostgreSQL
  • HA and MongoDB
  • HA and the cloud, the good and the bad
  • Why HA is not DR

Dim0 has been working with Open Source technologies for 15 years. Since the age of six (thanks parents), he has been interested in everything with a digital pulse.

Dimitri is working for over 5 years for Percona, an Open Source focussed database organisation as a Solution engineer.